NetSpend Reload Locations

The prepaid debit card is different from a credit card; you need to put your money on the card, then it can be used. Therefore, prepaid debit card providers provide many methods to add money to your prepaid card. Start with direct deposit, bank transfer, use other financial services and place reloading location around you.

As a trusted prepaid debit card provider, Netsepen provides many methods you can use, from direct deposit, bank transfer, PayPal, Western Union, MeneyPak and more than 130,000 reloading locations spread across the United States.

To find out the location of the nearest reload from you, you can visit their official website, or you can also use NetSpend Mobile App to find out.

How to find the nearest location from you, we will explain, first open your favorite browser, then open the address in the page there are fields for the zip code and state choice. Choose one method that is easy for you, can fill in the zip code or select the state where you are. After that will appear a map where there is a location reload the nearest. On the page will also display details of the cost you should pay when using reload.

The cost range to reload your money from $ 2 to $ 4, so you need to choose which location has the lowest price smartly.

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